Corinne creates Fine Art Portraits in the disciplines of medium format film, as well as digital cameras, and production with archival materials and mixed media. 

"As an artist, time has a way of blending all together.  It is so important to make choices to create what is being held inside and trying to get out to become a tangible object to touch and see, to hang on a wall or displayed in a meaningful way".

"Our clients are not only in the Bellevue and Seattle surrounding areas, clients worldwide come to visit our studios for photography, art, and education, and production of printing, and learning the art of varnishing fine art with oils and waxes.

"The Alavekios also own a home and studio in Litochoro, Greece at the base of Mount Olympus, above the shores of the Aegean Sea.  Photographic work takes them through out the United States and Europe, however Corinne, her husband Stevn and their three Golden Retrievers consider the Pacific Northwest their backyard.

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