October 14, 2018 Seven to Seventeen . in a blink of an eye

Finessing the pose to capture fine art imagery. In the river in Lake Stevens WA. I had gone in all the way, don't mind my droopy breeches, need a smaller pair.

A simple Senior Photographic Session I turn into a Fine Art Set.

I first photographed Jenna along with her mom and dad in 2008.  We chose the Woodinville WA Studio and did a beautiful romantic set that was tender and light.  When I recieved a phone call for Jenna's Senion pictures I could not process how it had been 10 years since I last had seen this sweet family.  I was excited to book this shoot and spend time again with them again.  We planned an early Autumn shoot date and hope for good weather, which we were glad to have. The next day was torrential downpouring of rain.

For the past many years I have taught and spoke at different conferences, conventions and schools, in our industry for the most part.  I share how I photograph 50 percent for my clients needs, and 50 percent for my needs and wants.  This makes the story of the session told beautifully and in my style, and still leaves room for classic portraiture that I know parents and the senior love for their choices. 

Then enters the fine art part of our shoot, and those images are the special pieces that end up being the last image, or in some cases the first, to be chose and ordered.  I photograph in this way so that I will always love my craft, profession and clients.  It is what makes the relationship special with my friends, clients.  I want to create a piece that I can paint, wax and do european style art to and it could really hang on any gallery wall.  Most importantly it usually ends up on my clients wall in a special place.

After all these years that has been the secret to my success in my life being and artist, and my life in business.  I do not want to hit a wall, so to speak, of not finding joy in my creative nature.  I cannot see myself doing the same thing day in , and day out.  My job has about 25 or more workflow steps involved.  I do every part from capture to print, to the finishing paint and varnish, and on into framing, yes, we do all custom framing, all our frames come ordered  custom from Italy and France.  We do all the fittings and finish packaging in house.  Yes, it is a big job.  Most photographers use labs and do not have total control.  We work hard to keep all our equipment snd workstations  accurately calibrated, my lab has 3 large format printers.  Epson SureColor P9000, Epson 9900 and Epson P800.  I do not remember my studio before Epson!  We went digital very early on, and that included printing our own work.  In the late 90's our work was starting to come back from our very professional lab just not quite right.  Stevn, not being one to wait things out, ordered Large format Epson Printers, the very first professional printers and we have not looked back.  By far the best decision we made as a business and artists.  Your world is open to create a tangable product, piece's of art created  in house, how we vision it. 

It is an amazing feeling. 

We have so many choices in papers, canvas and other substrates. 

It is very fullfilling as a professional to own my whole Body of Work.

Epson SureColor P9000 in house printing, also Pro 9900 and SureColor P800

proofing to keep everything calibrated

We climbed a steep bank to reach a beautful place within the forest with open sky as our softbox of diffused light.  We had fun at the lake for a short set, and I got waist deep in the river before finding my perfect spot, in what felt like a puddle compared to what I am used to being in.  I love the results from the locations.  The water always is one of my favorites and this one included.  Its warm, romantic, soft and timeless.  I have been back busy at work and enjoying all my new locations here at sea level.  I have been asked to start workshopping again and there are two people who have contacted me, and I would love working with both. 

So, 2019 I will return to teaching and speaking, along with my client work and personal projects.  we have a lot of work in front of us and it is all good and makes for fullness in life.

Please enjoy a few of our favorites form Jenna's set.  

At the very bottom of this page take a peek of her Seven to Seventeen.


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