September 12, 2018 - CHANGE IS GOOD - RIGHT? Woodinville photographer returns home.

Well lets give this a go!  I really am going to try to blog again?  I have decided to look at it more as a place to visit.  Tell my stories and share my craft.  I will restore my old posts from over the years somehow, and someday soon.  Today I will be happy to get this page live and talking and call it an accomplishment for the day.

For those of you that are new to my work, I want to say Hello, thank you for checking in here on our website. Please read my BIO page on the Homepage of our main website for a bit of who we are and what we have do.  We are looking forward to meeting you!

I am going to speak here to you one on one.  Stevn, my husband works at this profession as much and hard as I do, however he is the quiet one online.  So instead of posting as a 'we' I will post as an 'I'.  

I am a fine art portrait & wedding photographer working  just outside of Woodinville, Washington.  I photograph portraits, conceptual and lifestyle, seniors, children, pets, corporate and commercial, weddings and my favorite is anything with a heartbeat.

A lot of my time and creative energy goes into my personal body of works that are marketed commercially and for art galleries.  Many times the two genres of how I make make living cross over into eachother, it is a very big, yet very small world.

I started Photographic Essays in 1998.  When sidelined with my lifelong love in the equestrian sports, I woke early May 15, 1998 and asked myself a question that put me on a very fast moving path.  What do I want to do with my life?  In a moment I knew definitely and set out that very morning running towards my goal. Within a few short weeks I was meeting with Masters in our photographic industry and working with them learning and honing my career path. All because I could not quite get my new Hasselblad put together. 

I picked up the phone and called a number on the back of my new camera box.  I spoke to the kindest lady in New Jersey who helped me put that camera together, she told me about a new symposym coming up for a month in Tuscan, AZ. with a handful of Masters teaching, custom made for exactly what I needed. Hasselblad University. I learned that one day to always call and ask the question, don't hesitate, engage in your life.Those very Masters became friends and mentors. In 2000 we opened our first studio in the loviliest of towns, Woodinville WA.  We were busy before we even opened our doors at the firehouse we chose to be our first studio. Since 2000 we have journied, opened additional studios, and then scaled back down. 

 I print large format as well as all other prints and canvas's in house.  I have my own lab and create with Epson PRO9900 and SureColor P9000 and P800.  I use beautiful waxes and varnishes to finish the finest of wall art.  Techniques and recipes I have brought home from working and studying in Europe.  I apply them to my everyday work.  I custom design my own line of Italian albums and journals, created in Florence, and the Umbria region of Italy.

I love my profession.  I believe my favorite part is the collaboration with clients to make their imagery and photographs.  Clients become friends and the relationships are lasting. All I know is that my husband, myself and my 3 Golden Retrievers are enjoying the big Pacific Northwest woodlands, fields and streams here on the Eastside near Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Woodinville and out into the rural areas of Lake Stevens. 

This Autumn I hope my schedule to fill with Senior photography, Autumn Family photography, Children's portraits, Pet photography and continue with my commercial and fine art work. 

So with all that being said - Last Sunday, we set out on location in the river with a young man who is a senior at Lake Stevens High School .  There are a few places where the large bolders in the river are placed perfectly! Summer has changed to Autumn quickly this year, but the summer slime on the rocks the first 15 feet out into the river was miserable.  I was walking with my feet wide apart and slipping every which way but straight.  As soon as I got to thigh deep it was a bit better and we captured some beautiful imagery.  Previous to moving back, we lived in the central Cascades for 4 and a half years, the rivers there more swift and there is no slime on the river rocks.  I cannot wait for the rivers to rise to clean the rocks down here at sea level.  We also photographed high up on our woodland hills at our production studio. The old growth Maples and fern grotos made it a luxury to photograph. This weekend I have a couple more sessions and will hone the locations I am using near Woodinville.  

I will try to post a few images from last weekend and maybe even a short video.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

I book by phone and can be reached at 425 424 9500 studio or 206 818 3827 cell.  

A Lake Stevens Sunday - In The River (as usual)

Lake Stevens senior photography, in the river

Untitled photo

Woodinville Photographer returns to the river to photograph

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

In the woodland forest

Untitled photo

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