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Corinne Alavekios

Photographer | Director | Producer | Educator & Speaker 

PNW - Bellevue . Kirkland . Woodinville . Lake Stevens  WA  

NYC  USA  . Nice . Paris FR

Rome . Montalcino IT     Athens . Litochoro GR

Award winning photographer/painter and fine art print maker Corinne Alavekios of Photographic Essays Studio and Gallery, Internationally renowned and best known for her creative artistry that is current, yet timeless in this field. Corinne believes she is portraying life unfolding with her cameras. She encourages and searches within herself to create conceptual and poetic imagery. Her artistic vision, sensitivity and fluidity as a portrait artist has made her an internationally sought after photographer. She owns successful commercial portrait fine art studios and galleries along side her husband, and three Golden Retrievers based in the Pacific Northwest.  The Pacific Northwest  locations abound with the most beautiful scenics and vignettes available for photographic art, and easy for clients to experience the beauty. The Alavekios also own a home and studio in Litochoro, Greece, located at the base of Mount Olympus and the shores of the Aegean Sea.   Corinne's photographic work with clients is from the PNW, to locations through out the United States and Europe.  Corinne specializes in commissioned fine art portraiture, and also paintings being commissioned in some of the most exclusive venues and locations in the world.

Corinne is an international speaker and educator, speaking on the platforms of WPPI and PhotoPlus East and many PPA Schools and conferences. With bases in Washington USA, Italy, France and Greece, she successfully holds and teaches workshops, clinics and fine art schools, abroad and in their Studios. Corinne offers Professional Consulting for business's and projects.

Corinne Alavekios is honored with prestigious sponsorships with EPSON corp, Black River Imaging, and has been featured in a short film with EPSON telling her story of how she photographs on location and in her studios in the photographic field, and prints her own work using EPSON Exhibition Natural Satin canvas, and Epson large format printers. Corinne photographs with Digital cameras as well as Hasselblad, medium format film cameras.  

Corinne Alavekios finds joy in creating fine art prints and working with the studios clientele. Her approach to teaching the photographer is a very personal and authentic experience. The enthusiasm comes in making memories in the moment and creating relationships and imagery that endure.  

Commercial: Epson, Charles Schwab personally, and Circle of Excellence top executives and exclusive events in several US destinations, Creative Live, MD2 International, Microsoft, Hewlitt Packard, Frazier Health Care, Frazier Ventures, Sotheby's, Luly Yang Couture, Alain Figaret, Cannes Film Festival, to mention a few.

Fashion, Corporate-Commercial, Portraiture,  Fine Art, People and Pets Photographer, Corinne Alavekios is an American Portrait Photographer and Fine Art Mixed Media Artist, who works worldwide in a demanding field with many aspects.  In the year 2016 Corinne has returned to painting and building her personal body of work with paint to large panels and canvas's.  

Her clientele is from every walk of life. Her talent is to connect and bring to life a portrayal that speaks of that persons life.  From celebrities, noteworthy founders and inventors, company presidents and CEO's, to families and individuals near and far who want imagery that speaks of expression and life in their circumstances in time.

Look for her upcoming new body of work  'The Lovingkindness Project'  Photographed local and internationally.  

"Life is personal. I believe in Passion and inspiration as a way of living. I believe in capturing the dramatics of the moment. Spirit and essence of ones life. The natural beauty of an individual personality in an image. I believe that every fleeting moment must be lived to its fullest. Today can be made timeless. Moments collected, moments reflected upon, forever and a day." 

Corinne's work is published and collected worldwide. Corinne attends PDNs PhotoPlus East in New York City at Jacob Javits Center annually and WPPI in Las Vegas, MGM Grand and is a speaker and presenter. In April of 2015 Corinne will be a master, educating at the acclaimed NEIPP Institute held on Cape Cod, MA. Along with other PPA and International associations, revered schools and conferences.  Along with her husband has enjoyed Cannes Film Festival and Sundance Film festival for work and enjoyment.  

Stevn Alavekios

Photographer | Consultant | Educator & Speaker 

Photographer | Keynote Speaker and studio and gallery owner of Alavekios Photographic Essays, Stevn Alavekios has photographed clients worldwide. His work is unsurpassed in its freedom and creativity. His natural ability to achieve the most provocative and compelling photograph is indeed a rare talent. Stevn seeks enthusiasm and energy from his clients and himself. He is early to rise to capture the image in its light. Always looking for inspiration in the sense of action. He is always on the move & personable. His photographic vision is clear and new everyday. His faith unshakable. “About myself… Each day I photograph, I desire to catch a part of life’s motion. To make it stand still long enough to be rewarded, not only for my photography, for my vision. The details make the difference. Be it the emotion, or the moment.”

Stevn Alavekios has taught workshops worldwide and speaks at conferences through out the year. In April of 2015 Stevn will be a master, educating at the acclaimed NEIPP Institute held on Cape Cod, MA.  


* EPSON FEATURED ARTIST RELEASE - August 2014. Corinne Alavekios Featured Artist for EPSON

* PHOTOPLUS EAST PHOTO EXPO- Jacob Javits Center NYC New York.  October 2014  Finding Neverland, Creating the Fine Art Print from Conception to Fine Piece.

* CAPE COD, NANTUCKET & MARTHAS VINEYARD  MA - The Harbor House. August 2014, Mentoring Group, Week Of Creating The Fine Art Print, Mixed Media.  The Harbor House. Commissioned work.

* NEW HAMPSHIRE CONFERENCE - Laconia New Hampshire, March 2014, Creating the Fine Art Portrait.  On location of the filming of 'On Golden Pond'.

* BOSTON LONG WHARF WORKSHOP - March 2014,  Business, Conceptual Poetic, Fine Art Prints.  Creating your niche.  

* EPSON FILMING in our studio in the Cascade Mountains, April 2014, A video available to view on Featured Artists with Corinne Alavekios.  Also available to view here on this website under filming. 

* DIGITAL WORKSHOPS ITALY .09 - Venice Italy, April 2014,  Hotel Petrias, Montesolice IT.  Fine Art Portraiture with Corinne Alavekios.  VENICE ITALY MONTAGE .

* WPPI - April 2014, Las Vegas NV USA, MGM Grand Convention Center, From Ordinary to Extraordinary, Creating the Fine Art Print. Speaking from the platform.

* WPPI - BLACK RIVER IMAGING SPEAKER. April 2014* PHOTOPLUS EAST PHOTO EXPO - Masters Class, Jacob Javits Center NYC New York, October 2013. 

* EDINBURGH, ST. ANDREWS, SCOTLAND, IRELAND & PARIS FR - June-July 2013,  Tour of photographing, Client photography on location.   Client meetings, Commissioned commercial work, Commissioned portraiture.

* WPPI - April 2013, Las Vegas NV USA, MGM Grand Convention Center. Speaking from the platform.* THIRST RELIEF BENEFIT SHOOT - WPPI 2013 - Las Vegas NV, Photograph with a Celebrity Photographer.  Invitation to be one of 5 Intl'. photographers to lead groups on shoots in the desert and a dinner gala night event.

* WPPI - BLACK RIVER IMAGING SPEAKER. April 2013* CREATIVE LIVE - NYC New York , Canoe Studios location for a live global web broadcast. October 2012.

* COMMISSIONED FASHION -  SOHO NYC,  October 2012, October 2013, October 2014.* PARIS, NICE, LE BEAUX, ST REMY  FR - June 2012,  SIMPLY WORKSHOP with Corinne & Stevn Alavekios, Hotel Luminere.  Using oil and wax mediums.  Mixed Media.  Gallery visits and Commissioned work.

* PHOTOPLUS EAST PHOTO EXPO -  Masters Class, Jacob Javits Center NYC New York, October 2012.

* LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE DPPA - Dallas Texas.  From Ordinary to Extraordinary.  2 day program in Dallas art center.

* EPSON PRESS RELEASE of our commercial shoot In the River with Corinne Alavekios. September 2012.

* EPSON SHOOT - In the River with Corinne Alavekios.  Photographed by Joe McNally, Redmond WA, June 2012. 

* TUSCANY ITALY - BELLA TOSCANA, April 2012.   San Gimignano, Volterra, Montalcino, Pienza.   Shooting tour, workshop, client meetings, Commissioned work, Commissioned portraiture.

* DIGITAL WORKSHOPS .08 ITALY - SAN MARINO ITALY - March 2012, Creating Fine Art Portraiture.

* WOODINVILLE  WORKSHOPS - Nov, 2011 - April 2012, with Kamil Vognar - May 2012 - Nov 2012.

* CASCADE MOUNTAIN WORKSHOPS - April 2013, with Kamil Vognar - May 2013.

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